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A collection of Antics works posted on YouTube... some old, some new... and some of them even positively ancient...!

Early Antics from Tokyo

A compilation of commercials, titles, and other clips from Nippon Univac, Nippon Animation, and the national broadcaster NHK. Made in 1981, using the first version of the Antics software to record direct to 1-inch VTR.
[6' 32"]

Antics FX Demo

Antics demo movie made in 1984 to illustrate some of the main 'effects' that can be used and composed together in the animation of drawings, cels and images.

The original Antics files to generate this demo movie are included in the software download.
[1' 33"]

Sharing for Survival

By kind permission of United Nations University: the 1984 Antics film directed and animated for the UNU by Alan Kitching, with narration by Peter Ustinov, graphic design by Yukio Ota and Eva Gloss, and sound by Shigeru Matsuzaki. The film was designed to publicise the nature and work of the UN University to a wider audience.
[7' 22"]

[The Joan Baez 'Imagine' track has been restricted by EMI... despite the fact that all worldwide rights were paid for by UNU at the time -- and permission was given personally by Joan Baez herself...!?]

Run Rabbit Run

Animation clips of Tenniel's White Rabbit illustration from the original Alice in Wonderland.
[0' 21"]

Finite Elements

Pioneering 1974 Antics computer animation written and directed by Alan Kitching, explaining the mathematical principles of the Finite Elements computer simulation technique.

The music track was also generated digitally with an Antics synthesizer utility, drawing in the sound track area of the film. Possibly the first-ever fully digital sythesizer...?
[11' 41"]

Bits and Pieces of Antics

A more-or-less random compilation of Antics clips from various demos and test projects.
[2' 53"]

More Bits and Pieces of Antics

Another more-or-less random compilation of Antics clips, from various demos and test projects dredged up from the archives.
[2' 27"]

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